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Clippers - Premier 900CL

$ 50.00

Clipping livestock for show ? Premier’s 900cl Cordless Clipper is up to the task.

Its powerful brushless motor delivers strength and torque for the toughest grooming jobs.


The 900cl is ready for a full day (up to 7 hours using included batteries) of cord-free trimming and blocking. Each battery is rated for 3-½ hours of runtime and will recharge to 100% within 3 hours. The charging station can charge both the spare battery and the in-unit battery simultaneously.

Package includes:

  • Your choice of an Eagle 10 or Eagle Blocking blade set
  • 110V plug-in charging station
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • 4 oz bottle of clipping oil
  • Protective storage case


Preparing the Animal for Clipping

  • Remove the dirt from the hair first. If this is not done, expect accelerated blade wear and a reduction in animals clipped between blade sharpenings in exact proportion to the amount of dirt present. The benefits of dirt removal prior to clipping cannot be over-emphasized. Example: Those who wash their lambs prior to clipping often clip 20–30 club lambs between sharpenings. Those who don’t and have lambs with sand and soil in the wool often clip less than two lambs between sharpenings.
  • Washing the animal with soap and water removes the most dirt. If this is not practical, use a high power vacuum or blower to remove as much dirt as possible from the hair or wool.
  • Restrain the animal. Few animals like the sound of a clipper or the feel of vibration on their skin. When they react to either without warning, accidents can and will happen. Therefore, for the sake of you, your animal and your clipper, restrain the animal properly prior to clipping.


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