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Crave is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients used to neutralize acidity caused by stress, weaning, hauling, vaccinating, and show day. 
* Develops a healthier digestive system 
* Increases appetite 
* Promotes water intake. 
Give Crave orally once daily during times of stress: cattle 20 ml, yearling calves 15 ml, swine 10 ml, sheep 5 ml, lambs 2.5 ml. Liquid


Directions For Use
Remove cap and use a 20 ml syringe to administer recommended dose to animal orally. For best results, dose animal once daily during times of stress.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Bovine: 20cc, Yearling Calves: 15cc, Swine: 10cc, Sheep: 5cc, Lambs: 2.5cc, Goats: 5cc

Active Ingredients
Mineral Water, Corn Oil, Guar Gum, Orange Extract, Onion Extract, Soybean Oil, Glycerin, Vegetable Based Fatty Acids, Natural Flavoring, Water

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