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Fresh & Feminime

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Feminine shape and freshness in the front end of a show animal spells ultimate success or failure in the show ring today. Fresh and Feminine has been the secret at Sullivan Farms for over 10 years. An integral part of their feeding regimen, it is credited with producing outstanding freshness and ultimate show-ring success of their cattle at major shows for years. 

Boosts metabolic fat burning that targets specific areas of the body to reduce fat content, most notably in neck and brisket area. As a result, goat has a more feminine, attractive physique and moves better. Helps offset the results seen from aggressive, high-energy show goat diets. 

Contains 20% crude protein, 6.5% crude fat, 15% crude fiber, min 0.7%/max 0.76% calcium, 0.4% phosphorus, 850 mg l-lysine, 110 mg l-tyrosine, 280 mg magnesium, 16 mg niacin, 15 mg ascorbic acid, 4 mg riboflavin, 2,400 IU vitamin A, 460 IU vitamin D3 and 15 mcg vitamin B12. 

Directions: Feed 30 gm per head daily. Recommended 1 scoop in morning and 1 scoop at night. 15 gm scoop enclosed. 10 lbs = 106 day supply.