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Pro Air Blower

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  • Industry-first design replaces the double blower system with a compact, all-in-one unit that produces the fastest air speeds on the market*
  • Tested to have a higher exit velocity than a double blower system*
  • Specialty nozzle delivers an accurate, concentrated, high-velocity stream of air for fast drying
  • Coolest-running blower on the market helps prevent your animals from overheating+
  • Air enters the side inlets and bypasses the blower's electrical components to emit cooler air out of the hose; separate inlet and vent on the top cools the blower's electrical components 
  • Weighing only 20.55 lbs., this unit is easy to handle compared to the combined 93 lbs. of two conventional blowers and a cart
  • Tactically designed with a high tensile-strength, glass-filled polycarbonate body for extreme impact resistance and to eliminate the possibility of rust and paint chipping
  • Compact design with handle dramatically reduces the amount of space consumed in your barn, on your trailer and in your stall at the show
  • Use one or two motors to match the power to the job
  • Uses less electricity than a double blower system to prevent electrical circuit overload at shows; each power cord outlet is only 15 amps for a total of 30 amps
  • Includes a one-piece crushproof hose that easily and securely attaches to blower using a camlock quick disconnect — the hose is just as easily removed for convenient hauling
  • Side blower motors have removable filters that simply slide out and click back in for hassle-free cleaning
  • Small hose handle is perfect for young exhibitors
  • USB port fits the technology demands of today
  • Two three-pronged outlets for additional plugins
  • Assembled in the USA; patent-pending design
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee; 1 year warranty on manufacturer’s defects
  • Note: Requires two 12-gauge extension cords, one to power each motor, that must be purchased separately - Item # 69940-25-00

*Fastest air speed/ highest exit velocity as tested by an external lab against the livestock blower market
+Coolest-running blower as tested by an external lab against the livestock blower market



  • Keep your ProAir™ Blower off the ground and in a safe spot with a hanger that adjusts to fit on most chutes, stall dividers or pens
  • Attaches using a locking pin and plastic knob that adjusts to accommodate bars of varying widths
  • Spring-loaded design with safety lock tightly secures blower to hanger
  • Durable steel construction


  • 12-gauge, 25' extension cord for the ProAir™ Blower
  • Lighted plug ends indicate power is running through the cord
  • ProAir™ Blower requires two cords, one for each motor

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