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SSS - 3 Hours Out

SSS - 3 Hours Out

$ 15.00
  • 3 Hrs Out is easy to administer (the entire 15cc tube, one time, 3 hours before they go into the Ring) gets amazing results, and compared to the competition, it costs almost HALF the money!
  • 3 Hrs Out contains electrolytes and several innovative ingredients to help the animal metabolize energies to give a one of a kind look that will impress the judges. If you’ve ever used prop, you can use this product, get better results without the worry of wrecking one. 3 Hrs Out is a MUST HAVE for every showbox!
  • 1 tube contains 15cc
  • Drug free and contains no banned substances.
  • Sheep and Goats:
    • Recommended rate of 15cc 3 hours prior to showing.
  • Cattle and Hogs:
    • Recommended rate of 15cc 3 hours prior to showing.

Tips For Use:  When you give 3 Hrs Out, it will be working in 3 hours.  Plan on it working for a full 3 hours.  When you have to go back in for Division, Breed or Champion Drive that is more than 6 hours after you have the initial tube, plan on using another one for the Drive

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