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How much Explode™ do I feed?

To achieve the 4.5 gram per ton level, feed 4 oz of Explode™ with 5.75 lbs. of complete feed (which is 6 total pounds of product ingested) once per day or split between two feedings. To achieve the 9-gram level, feed 8 oz of Explode along with 5.5 lbs of complete feed once per day or split between two feedings. Note: Paylean®, the active ingredient in Explode™, is approved for use in market hogs the last 21 days prior to harvest.


Available in a 25 lb. bag.


Important Management Tips:

  • Always provide access to fresh, clean water.
  • Use extra care when handling, loading and transporting pigs that have been fed Paylean.® It is recommended to remove Sunglo® Explode™ from the feed 12 hours before transporting.
  • Check weight gains at set time intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed until target weight is reached.
  • Always transition slowly from one ration to another to help avoid digestive upset.


How much Show Cattle Explosion™ do I feed?

Feed up to 12 ounces per head per day to achieve the recommended amount of 430 mg of Ractopamine HCL per head per day. For reference, each pound of Show Cattle Explosion™ contains 573 mg of Ractopamine HCL.


Show Cattle Explosion™ is not to be used on animals intended for breeding.

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